Orange Lungs

Orange Lungs

Illustration by Javier Perez

Giant Picnic Table

Giant Picnic Table

La Table de Pique Nique by Benedetto Bufalino

Paper Skeleton

Do It Yourself Life Sized Paper Skeleton Project

Available at Firebox

Sundae Mural

Sundae Graffiti Art Mural By Buff Monster

‘Melty Mifits’ Sundae Mural by Buff Monster

Photo by Gail @ The Worley Gig

Skate Shake

Skateboard Deck Hand Shake Sculpture

Sculpture c/o Haroshi

Coin Portraits

Speed Racer Portrait Painted On A Coin

Coin Portraits by Andre Levy

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Bronze Archer

Three Way Bronze Sculpture, The Archer by Henry Moore

The Archer by Henry Moore

Photo c/o Leonard G.

Pizzeria Expansion

Pizzeria Expansion Art Mural

Pizzeria Expansion Art Mural

Mural by Escif

Photos by Henrik Haven

Go Faster!

Ferris Wheel Photography

Long Exposure Ferris Wheel Photography

Photography by Steve Collis

Rooster Head

Bronze Zodiac Rooster Head

Part of an Installation by Ai Weiwei

Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads

Exhibiting in Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square