Do Not Swallow

Skull Floor

Walking On Miniature Porcelain Skulls

100,000 Porcelain Skulls Floor

Art Installation ‘What Will You Leave Behind?’ by Nino Sarabutra

Found via Laughing Squid

Denture Comb

Acrylic Denture Teeth And Gumbs Hair Comb

Acrylic Comb by Concave Oblivion

Bad Teddy

Bad Teddy T-Shirt

Bad Teddy Design by Arthur V Medeiros

Chickenpox Plushie

Chickenpox Stuffed Toy Plushie

Plushie by Giant Microbes

Found thanks to Shenandoah


Wall of Stacked Furniture, Cabinets And Appliances

‘Shades & Variables’ by Michael Johansson

I Dreamed A Dream

Pine Salt Toothpaste

Party Game

Making Hay