Pixelated Fox

Pixelated Fox Sculpture

Pixel Sculpture by Shawn Smith

More at Weezbo

Strictly Goats Only

Bacon Guide

Moby Picks

Moby Dick Toothpicks

Party Picks by Fred & Friends

Rooster Head

Bronze Zodiac Rooster Head

Part of an Installation by Ai Weiwei

Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads

Exhibiting in Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square

Jar Hive

Beehive In Jars

DIY Backyard Jar Beehive

More Pics & DIY Tutorial at Remove And Replace

Sky Whale

Sky Whale Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon by Patricia Piccinini

Spider Colony


Manatee Tea Infuser

Tea Infuser at Perpetual Kid

Safari House

Zebra Stripes Painted House

Photo c/o Cat Rocketship

Found via WebUrbanist