Gummi Bear Balloon Animal

Gummi Bear Balloon Animal Mosaic

7500 Hand Cast Acrylic Gummibears Mosaic

‘Up Up and Away’ by Kevin Champeny

Candy Rose

Candy Rose Mosaic

15,000 Urethane Pieces

Rose Mosaic by Kevin Champeny

Fall Sailing

Leaf Boat

Leaf Boat Print by Follow The Raven

Porcelain Rock

Hot Wheels Mosaic

Red And Yellow Hot Wheels Cars

Hot Wheels Logo Mosaic

4400 Hot Wheels Mosaic by Kevin Champeny

Threaded Bat-Signal

String Art Batman Signal

Thread Art by Perspicere

Pencil & Crayon Carvings

Pencil Lead And Crayon Carvings

Carvings by Diem Chau


Gummy Bear Mosaic

7500 Gummibear Mosaic by Kevin Champeny

Digital Banana

Printed Circut Board Banana Sculpture

Sculpture by Steven Rodrig

Stars & Stripes

Army Men Flag

Army Men American Flag Sculpture

“Flag” by Kevin Champeny