Pixelated Fox

Pixelated Fox Sculpture

Pixel Sculpture by Shawn Smith

More at Weezbo

Denture Comb

Acrylic Denture Teeth And Gumbs Hair Comb

Acrylic Comb by Concave Oblivion


Skate Shake

Skateboard Deck Hand Shake Sculpture

Sculpture c/o Haroshi

Bronze Archer

Three Way Bronze Sculpture, The Archer by Henry Moore

The Archer by Henry Moore

Photo c/o Leonard G.

Rooster Head

Bronze Zodiac Rooster Head

Part of an Installation by Ai Weiwei

Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads

Exhibiting in Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square

Disco Tara

Digital Banana

Printed Circut Board Banana Sculpture

Sculpture by Steven Rodrig

Paper Giraffe

Four Feet Tall Paper Mache Giraffe Sculpture

Paper Mache Giraffe by Karen Sloan

Big Man On The Block

Big Sitting Man Sculpture In Beijing

Dashanzi Art District, Beijing

Picture c/o Frank Muller