Spinning Tree

Ninja Turtle Ornaments

Business Sense

Dry Cleaners Offering Complimentary Service To Unemployed Preparing For An Interview

Best Of Humanity via Imgur

Anamorphic Portraits

Anamorphic Mahatma Gandhi Portrait

Anamorphic Installation by Bernard Pras

Giant Picnic Table

Giant Picnic Table

La Table de Pique Nique by Benedetto Bufalino

Sundae Mural

Sundae Graffiti Art Mural By Buff Monster

‘Melty Mifits’ Sundae Mural by Buff Monster

Photo by Gail @ The Worley Gig

VW Pumpkin

VW Camper Van Carved Pumpkin

Carved Pumpkin c/o Phil @ Volkswagen UK

Go Faster!

Ferris Wheel Photography

Long Exposure Ferris Wheel Photography

Photography by Steve Collis

Umbrella Canopy

Umbrella Street Canopy In Portugal

Umbrella Sky Project by Sextafeira Producoes

Photo c/o Patricia Almeida

Flying Saucer Arena