Wall of Stacked Furniture, Cabinets And Appliances

‘Shades & Variables’ by Michael Johansson

Skate Shake

Skateboard Deck Hand Shake Sculpture

Sculpture c/o Haroshi

Repeat After Me

Repeat Afer Me Stacked Books Poetry

‘Sorted Books’ by Nina Katchadourian

Found via Bored Panda

Pillow Sofa

Stacked Pillow Sofa

Cushion Sofa by Christiane Hoegner

Book Igloo

Book Igloo

Book Dome by Miler Lagos

Bike Rack

Acrobat Dressers

Pallet House

Stacked Pallets House

Pallet Pavilion by Matthias Loebermann

c/o Mila Hacke via BLDGBLOG

Stacked Chairs

Tangled Stack of Chairs

Entanglement of Chairs by James Nizam

Kitty Organizer