Keyboard Throne

Chair Made From Keyboards

Throne of Nerds by Mike DeWolfe

Found via Obvious Winner

Felt Fortune Cookies

Candy Filled Valentine Felt Fortune Cookies

DIY Tutorial at Craft Passion

Mounted Handle Bars

Mounted Trophy Handle Bars

Bicycle Taxidermy by Regan Appleton

Moth Swarm

Paper Moths

‘Black Cloud’ by Carlos Amorales

Steampunk Portrait

Steampunk Computer Parts Assemblage Portrait Art

Artwork by Anna Dabrowska

See More at Tech Graffiti

Two Sides

Two Sides To Every Story Letter Art

Poster Project by Abbas Mushtaq

Match Tree

Role Model Aspiration

Suspended Coma

Suspended Coma Stencil Graffiti

Photo c/o Antoinette

Anamorphic Photos

Anamorphic Illusions by Brusspup