Woven Mask

Origami Paper Weave Mask

Folded Paper Mask by Joel Cooper

Stormtrooper Snowflake

RC Paper Plane

Radio Control Unit Attached To A Paper Plane And Operated With Smartphone

Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Module by Power Up Toys

Paper Skeleton

Do It Yourself Life Sized Paper Skeleton Project

Available at Firebox

Thesaurus Dress

Thesaurus Page Dress

Paper Dress by Jori Phillips

Paper Bowtie

Paper Bowtie

Bowtie by Erlend Johansen

DIY Tutorial at Morning Creativity

Moth Swarm

Paper Moths

‘Black Cloud’ by Carlos Amorales

Anamorphic Photos

Anamorphic Illusions by Brusspup

Unruly Paper

Paper Giraffe

Four Feet Tall Paper Mache Giraffe Sculpture

Paper Mache Giraffe by Karen Sloan