Sushi Platter

Sushi Platter

8 Responses to "Sushi Platter"

  1. looks yummy at first glance. But was there a mouse in there? Mouse sushi? Mouse eating sushi??

  2. Is the nibbler -- er, mouse --- meant to be eaten? Or is it just . .. like having snuck on there to eat? Either way, the picture is cute!

  3. I ordered mine without fur. Take it back and get it right!

  4. hmmm that's hot! A couple of mousedrops would make my meal complete....!

  5. It looks yummy but I ordered mine sans mouse.

  6. A Sushi bar in Sweden actually nicked this picture and used it on their menu, without realising there was a mouse in the pic. Funny as hell!

  7. ..another Lousy photoshop..

  8. that would freak me out

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