Metrosexual Handyman

Metrosexual Brick Layer

c/o yonkis

6 Responses to "Metrosexual Handyman"

  1. nah, that goes WAY past "metro"sexual! :-/

  2. isn't a 'metrosexual' man just a guy who keeps himself well groomed and well dressed..?

  3. Wow, looks like he lost a bet. >.<

  4. You all think it's hot
    Don't deny it 😉
    Haha xxx

  5. hey Seraphie, I aint denyin it, IT'S HOT

  6. Hes not really a builder, and if he is, he must have a bad back. Thats not the way to bend and hes about to pick up ONE brick. He's too tanned and doesnt have a tan-line t-shirt and as soon as he stands up, either that pinny or his jeans are coming down.

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