Lick A Chick

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  1. Lick a chick but they have a cock on the board **grins** Ok I shut up !

  2. LOL... No one thought that name was odd, eh?

  3. I LOVE their honey-glazed thighs!

  4. Shy nailed it! Cock on the chick lick board. Fun for the whole family!

  5. It really is the best tasting chicken on the island.

  6. Ive been there..... and it really is the best chicken around.... and you cant deny that they have the best name ever.

  7. I live right by this *smiles* Good ol Capers. the same parkinglot there is Lick A Treat. Best icecream on Cape Bretion Island

  8. what island?

  9. Lick a Chick go get me some today, good ol Cape Breton

  10. yea lick a chick and lick a treat all the same to me B&R CB

  11. A relative of a relative apparently is either A or K... On a visit out there from the prairies, my immediate family and I were pissing ourselves while the local family looked at us like we were the weird ones... I guess in the Maritimes, licking chicks, has something to do with chicken...

  12. Don't know "k". Al got out of jail after 6 months of hankering for a good feed of fried chicken & stopped into a local KFC. The cook had unfortunately just made a bad (very, very greasy) batch & he spit his first mouthful out in disgust saying (among other things) that he could do better himself and on being told to do so (among other things) tried. How good is Lick A Chick? Can't attest to how good a businessman Al is, but, at one time, he had franchises from Newfoundland to Bermuda and at least as far west as Ontario while putting the local KFC out of business.

  13. Oh My God!!! It's real!!! I thought it was something that they made up on Saints Row!!!!

  14. The comment from Jim is not factual. The A&K is Angus & King. Angus being my grandfather and king being Art King who has since passed away. I know this because my grandfather and I visited him in his later year. My mom and all my aunts and uncles have worked that kitchen. My grandfather sold his share to either the family running it now or it's possible it changed hands more than once. I can confidently confirm there was never an Al.

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