Austin Mini Desk

Mini Cooper Office Desk Front

Mini Cooper Office Desk Rear

Mini Cooper Office Desk Top Front

Mini Cooper Office Desk Back

Designed by Glynn Jenkins

8 Responses to "Austin Mini Desk"

  1. nice

  2. I want one!

  3. very nice, I want to use my Mini for this, cause it's very cool

  4. I would like to know if you would be interested in making more of these for me. if you could produce various models of vehicles desks i own a dealership in Edmonton Alberta Canada let me know. Thank you and im looking forward to hearing from you!!

  5. Cool. Are they being sold cause i want one really bad.

  6. I am intersted to buy a mini desk, please let me know about the prices..


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  8. I want to get the minicooper desk ! !

    I liked this desk from the previous.
    It became more love怀now!
    Where do they sell?
    Who is making?
    Please let me know of teach to me!!

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