Bergen Flower Power

Flower Spray Stencil Graffiti by DOLK

Artist : DOLK

10 Responses to "Bergen Flower Power"

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  2. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. thats dope!

  4. hi this is cool

  5. looks like banksy

  6. It is not.

  7. really does look like a banksy

  8. It's good and to the people that say it looks like a banksy, it looks nothing like one.

    Just because it's a stencil doesn't mean it's like him the style is still different.

  9. is it wrong that when i look at this it is difficult for me to actually appreciate the artistry of the guy who made it? he's clearly very talented, but all i can think about when i see this is the original picture of the man dying in vietnam.

  10. Looks like Banksy but don't think this is one of his.. He has many copy cats!

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