Anamorphic Photos

Anamorphic Illusions by Brusspup

Cushion Cube

Rubiks Fabric Cushion Cube

Fabric Rubiks by Quad Studio

Found via Joanne Casey

Rubiks Soap

Rubiks Cube Soap

Rubiks Cube Soap by Digital Soaps

Rubiks Pepper Mill

Rubiks Cube Pepper Mill

Available at ThinkGeek

Rubiks Brain

Brain Shaped Rubiks Cube

Brain Cube by Jason Freeny

Rubiks Flashlight

Rubiks Coffee Cup

Rubiks Pixel Portrait

Rubiks Cube Portrait Artwork

RubikCubism by Invader

Leather & Chrome Rubiks

Rubiks Cube made from Solid Chrome with Leather Inlaid Sides

Rubiks Cube by Zontik Games

Found via Cool Material

Rubiks For The Blind

Rubiks Cube Braille Edition

Rubiks Cube For The Blind by Konstantin Datz