Barrel Chairs

Keyboard Throne

Chair Made From Keyboards

Throne of Nerds by Mike DeWolfe

Found via Obvious Winner

Stool Leg Warmers

Hand Knit Chair Stool Leg Warmers

Chair Leg Warmers by Biscuit Scout

Banana Rocker

Tough To Reach Spot

Tough To Reach Spot Standing On A Chair

Photo c/o STCM

Hair Chairs

Wig Stools

Pretty Barstools by Dejana Kabiljo

Rhino Chair

Rhino Chair Design

Designed by Maximo Riera

Found via thisisnthappiness

Coat Hanger Chair

Soccer Chairs

Soccer Net Chairs

Found at Moggit

Shopping Cart Chaise

Chaise Lounge Made From Shopping Cart

Designed by Mike Bouchet

via this isn’t happiness