Pig Couch

Armchair Sweater

Hand-Knit Sweater Armchair Slip Cover

Armchair Cover by Biscuit Scout

License Plate Mailbox

License Plate Mailbox

Created by Aaron Foster

Snail Ukulele

Crochet Converse

Crochet Converse

Crochet Sneakers by Kadinela

London Cut Out

Hand-Cut London Street Map

Hand Cut Map by Karen O’Leary

Potato Monster Costume

Potato Monster Costume

Created by Brenna Friesner

Fire Resistant Tote

Hand-Crafted Bag Made From A Firefighters Turnout Coat

Designed & Made by Evon Cassier

Cake Mail

Fake Chocolate Cake Postcards

Faux Chocolate Cake Postcards by TangBaby

Found via Incredible Things

You Have Small Hands

You Have Freakishly Small Hands And Smell Like Potato Chips

Pinback Button by Baymoon Studio