Crochet Converse

Crochet Converse

Crochet Sneakers by Kadinela

8 Responses to "Crochet Converse"

  1. This is AWESOME!!!!!!
    I want a pair!!!!! 😀

  2. I wanna learn how to do this, pleeeeeease give directions, bahahahahaha.

  3. sacralidge to converse!

  4. I want to learn too... Any patterns? :=) I would definitely wear those. I love crochet and I love things that are different.

  5. Click the link right below the picture
    but I don't think she offers a pattern - just the shoes.

  6. These are what I've been wanting, but I want to add lights!!! 🙂
    Is there a tutorial, or a pattern?

  7. How can I get directions? Please.... My daughter want a pair.....

  8. Where can I get the pattern of these please 🙂

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