Stackable Chairs

Stackable Chairs

Stackable Chairs

Designer : JANUS et Cie

16 Responses to "Stackable Chairs"

  1. I think I might need those. Any idea who sells them?

  2. They are available through the HGTV Marketplace for close to $9K.

    There must be other places that make similar puzzle designs.

  3. This is no shit... looks very modern to me! But $9 is out of my budget.

  4. $9K I mean.

  5. Ouch! That's so far out of my price range, it makes me dizzy.

  6. $9K. Really ouch!
    For that amount of mney, you won't catch me stacking and re-stacking my chairs.

  7. awesome design...
    but too pricey!

  8. We had that design at our store last summer. It sold for about $2-3K. That should be better on the wallet.

    There were other fun designs too! We had one that was like a really big Golf ball when it was stacked. This one ( picture) in particular was called Capsule.

  9. absolutley lame.... those that need to save space and could benifit from such space saving designs cant because of the price range.... an affordable model should be sold.... im surprised japan doesnt... there they master multifunctionality and space saving.... ikea where are you!?!?

  10. i think that this is so cool. you should come up with more ideas like this. it looks like a rocketship.

  11. That is way too much to pay for a set of chairs. I think that I would definitely pay some money for those... But definitely not $9K!!!!

  12. AWESOME DESIGN, but way too pricey would probably have to think twice before buying this one, any idea where could i buy such a set in India( mumbai)

  13. hehe so cute

  14. Very clever design...but so true about the high price! Has any one ever noticed that furniture designed for small spaces is very expensive? Try looking for space-saving apartment furniture online...I mean really if I could afford the price of the cleverly designed furniture then couldn't I just afford a bigger apartment? If I'm living in a dinky apartment it's because I'm broke! ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. very try and but im thinking of other things like how woulf i put it back sterat way when drunk or have a hang over:)

  16. awesome

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