Burger Bed

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  2. now you can sleep and eat at the same time!! lol

  3. dang!! i want that bed!! i could handle sleepin between 2 buns at night lol

  4. i really nt tht bed
    eatin sleepin
    now thts life

  5. dude i want one of those beds there awesome

  6. id probably end up eating it in my sleep lol

  7. I WANT ONE!!! AHH i hate this feeling

  8. For Obesitas people

  9. SOO.............do you sleep on top with a blanket or do you sleep inbetween the buns 'N' stuff

  10. can you please send us the link or something to but this bed in the untied kingdom please i need it i want it i will get it do you understand me i will!!!!!!!

  11. love it please can u send it to uk lol
    eat and sleep 1 prob might have my feet sticking out lolagee but yh lol
    owell x

  12. omg that bed is so super amazing...what do i have to do to get one!!!

  13. that's not healthy,
    i'd rather sleep between two celery sticks

  14. wow i want that soooooooooooooooo good where do u get it from sleeping in a burger good idia lol lol lol ::)

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