To The Left

Look Left Glasses

Look Left Glasses

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  1. that is well creepy... i well hate eyes!

  2. FREEEEEAKY!!!!!

  3. These are from The Netherlands, they use these at zoos when looking at gorillas. You can't look them straight in the eye or else they go crazy and jump over the wall, so they have these "to the left" glasses 🙂

  4. I laughed at this for a long time. Especially after I read kWalk's comment.

  5. ive seen this on t.v and its pretty weird

  6. this is nice picture and little strange, if all people use this spectacles may be no body will see me because all people look TO THE LEFT, i'm Dimas from indonesian.bye

  7. I WANT THIS!!! Nooo..haha this site's making me want a lot of things i'm most likely not gonna get XD

  8. They were made as a novelty in Holland, after a woman was attacked by gorilla Bokito in a zoo, because she was smiling at him and looking him straight in the eye.

    These glasses would serve me well avoiding looks 🙂

  9. This is brilliant and also a bit creepy!

  10. haahahahah

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