Zombie Bedding

Night Light

Ground Effects Light Bed

Found via WebUrbanist

Swing Bed

Hanging Swing Bed Design

More Creative Beds at Weburbanist

Hide A Bunk

Sofa Bed

Hide-A-Bunk Bed

Sofa Bunk Bed

via now thats nifty

Hammock Boat

Hammock Boat

Photo c/o Tobin

Sardine Bedding

Sardine Bedding

Sardine Bedding by Bed Toppings

Found via Fiona

Sunken Bed

Giant Book Bed

Giant Book Bed

Book Bed by Written Afterwards

Found via Moggit

Giant Nest Bed

Giant Bird Nest Bed

Designed by Merav Eitan and GasĀ­ton Zahr

Enjoy The Outdoors

Transparent Bed & Breakfast Bubble Room

Cristal Bubble Hut by BubbleTree