Bed With A Moat

23 Responses to "Bed With A Moat"

  1. I want one!
    Does it come with oars?

  2. I lurve it!! So wanting one!

  3. Gives new meaning to "waterbed".

  4. i wanna sleep in that! (that doesnt look like real water, btw)

  5. It's quite clearly a render but an awesome one with such realistic lighting.
    Quality idea too!!
    Would the bed actually float or be static?

  6. i want that so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o bad!!!!!!!!

  7. Its a computer generated image silly.
    I would love that... but i dont think it would be very functional and would prolly get full of used condoms ICK!
    and dog hair ICKY!
    and other... stuff... ICKNESS!

  8. What would happen if someone rolled over in bed?

  9. I would almost certainly fall in the moat first thing in the morning... still a cool concept 😀

  10. such a cool bed... if it was real.

    would love that, but i would prob end up in the water a few times each night :L x

  11. Haa :L

  12. Bad dream every night.

  13. well we all know a way to wake up in the morning

  14. i love this bed if it's real where would you get something like this

  15. One fatal design error, there is no draw-bridge!
    Unless of course it is designed so that you get out of bed and take a bath first thing.

  16. It's probably glass

  17. Cool...!!
    Quite workable, with a few changes.
    Good rendering too.

  18. it's simply a wonderful idea. provided you can easily change the water every now and then... imagine it with candles all around it makes it very romantic

  19. Imagine coming home drunk..... HAHA

  20. What happens when your house catches on fire and your stuck on the moat bed.

  21. i wish i have a big room so i can have one. i can sleep nude. hehehehe

  22. It is not good Feng Shui. forget it...

  23. It would be nice if the water was under, and there was see through glass above it, carpeting of choice. C: I like it.

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