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  1. Is the photo real or doctored ?

  2. It's real. The place is called Habitat 67

    It was designed by Moshe Safdie for Expo '67
    in Montreal, Canada.

  3. Wow, that's awesome! Are there people living inside? I don't see stairs...

  4. That's such cool architecture. I'm impressed!

  5. Yes people are living there and it is very expensive 😉

  6. my grand ma lives there lol

  7. If they painted it like that Japen Artitict it would look even more awesom, 'cept it would have to be called, 'colored Jengos' 🙂

  8. it's real it's in Montreal

  9. It cost a lot to live there, it's based on an island near Montreal... Only rich people can afford to live there.

  10. Yes. It's in Montreal. was put up to dress up the scenery, it's Designer/architect has won prizes for it's design, each"Unit" was pre assembled (Concrete) and was laid in a specific pattern such that each Unit is part of the structural intigrity. After 42 years it's as solid as ever, yes some concrete had to be patched, but on a minor scale only.... made , built, design in Quebec.

  11. looks cool

  12. Good thing it's not in San Francisco.

  13. The original intent was that it would be self-contained city, complete with stores, entertainment, employment opportunities and the like. It was designed by Safdie as part of his Bachelor's thesis when he was an architecture student at McGill. It was supposed to be this kind of socialist eden (it was the 60's after all...). Alas, only about 10% of it was ever built, and they are now very very high priced condos. The inside is very deceiving - warm and cozy and not blocky at all (I had a piano student who lived there). There is a similar project also by Safdie in Tel Aviv (I think - somewhere in Israel at any rate).

  14. Actually its built with Every room has a terrace concept..M having more photos of it..

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