Segway Mommy

Segway Baby Stroller

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  1. while others hate, Canucklehead applauds. Cheers lazy bitch, cheers.

  2. Yea, that is the epitome of laziness...

  3. That's so wrong on so many levels. Just walk and stroll the baby. Great way to get back in shape and safe too.

  4. Plain pathetic.

  5. OK... just walk!

  6. only in America!

  7. that reminded me of the farents that put lishes on their kids...
    gosh i hate them!!!

  8. hate away. they're not dangerous to the children and they prevent small children from running away and getting hurt. no matter how well intentioned you think you are, children will get away from you.

  9. Mina: What are farents and lishes?

  10. wow, that is the height of laziness.

  11. This woman is a cancer survivor who is missing a leg, the segway allows her to get around like a person with both legs.

  12. wow america is just doing wonderfully with laziness these days...

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