Fishy Brassiere

Goldfish Bra

via railbirds

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  1. I have no comment that can add either materially or editorially to this picture.

    Carry on.

  2. lucky fish, damn it

  3. victorias secret new all natural water bra line

  4. Somethings Fishy Here....

  5. That is so cruel! I can't believe you people think it's funny!

  6. #
    Me Said:

    That is so cruel! I can’t believe you people think it’s funny!


    if that is called animal cruelty she should have squished the fishes inside.

    that is animal cruelty

  7. this is wrong although i can tell that the person just put plastic bags over her bikini or bra (there like the same anyways) POOR FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. threio: How are the fish lucky? You think they care about a human tit? Would you feel pretty lucky to be in a plastic bag full of water as long as it is against a tit?
    You're pretty desperate, huh?

    Could never understand comments like this. They make the people who say them look stupid. Not exactly a turn-on.

  9. You silly people think fish care where they are at as long as its in water kept at an appropriate temperature?

    Finding Nemo was not real... gold fish do not have feelings.

  10. SHUT UP! dude........
    Goldfish dnt have feelings my arse..
    theyre animals humans are animals dont we have have feelings?
    Dude is your brain real at all imma guess it was replaced by plastic surgery.......
    As long as there in water kept at an apporpriate temprature my arse again!!!!!!! some research
    water is theyre oxygen...if theyres too little water theres too little oxygen dang i knew this when i was 3..

  11. Basically there is no oxygen there, there needs to be a surface area and no matter how big this girls rack is it's not enough to let these poor fish breathe! Doesn't help there is two of them sharing one plastic boob.
    This is mental, you guys are perves, get a life I promise there is light outside of your dark bedrooms

  12. dude humans are mammals not animals. theres a difference, so called know it all.

  13. OHH Poor fishies.... you girly girlies (and some of you man girlies) that think pooooorrr fishies have some problems yourself... I doubt that whoever would wear this would wear it long enough (since it looks SOO comfortable) to kill or even bother these fish. You might be forgetting all the little fish that are given away at small carnivals that spend hours and days in same plastic baggies... what about the one that are crammed into pet store tanks to be sold as food. OH! and what about all the fish humans, and non-humans (wild animals) eat? BTW I'm a girl... I don't think this is funny (stupid is more like it).. I think it's bad fashion :p

  14. U idiot mammals are a type of animals.

  15. do you people actually think the goldfish were in there for long enough to notice... no theyre goldfish they have a memory span of three seconds

  16. OMG people are dummer then I thought...

    First off I LOVE animals and this is NOT animal cruelty...

    It is beyond clear that those are STORE bags, as in, the f**king bag they already COME in, clearly she just tossed this together for a picture op in a few minutes, how is that torture... this is what that are sold IN and there is a llittle bit of air in the top.

    Furthermore, Fish breathe IN water, Their respiratory system is built to pull oxygen OUT OF water... water DOES have oxygen, our system does not pull it out this way but theirs DOES! When they go up to the surface it is not to breathe, their system does not pul in full blown oxygen the way ours do. So a few additional minutes in a bag with air AND water does not hurt that, Dumb-a$$.

  17. I don't think the fish care and as long as thery're being fed and stuff it shouldn't matter it's notlike there being eatin or, something =D besides it looks pretty cool

  18. shut up all of you i think the fish are fine!!! Its funny, you don't have to freak out!!

  19. Jesus christ how dumb are you people!!? The is not animal cruelty as the fish are still in the bags from the store AND there looks like there is room for them to swim!! The only main bad thing about this whole event is that it stresses out the fish even more then need be!! There is no lack of oxygen as there is oxygen in the water that fish are made to be able to obtain!! Then they also have the oxygen that is placed in the air in the bag!! Fish can go up and take gulps of air, create bubbles in the water which allows them to get more oxygen! that's why you sometimes see fish going to the top and gulping air! it means there is not enough oxygen in the water!! And I highly doubt the girl kept the "bra" on long enough for the fish to completely run out of oxygen!! And another thing! fish do have a memory of longer then 3 seconds!! research is now being conducted as fish can be trained! I've trained them myself! And as for you people who think that fish don't have feelings and that we are not animals... WAKE UP!! If we have feelings and emotions, then every other animal on this planet has them too!! We are not so special and it's time that humans got off their damn high horse and start realizing this!!

    Anyway I'll admit to the creativity of this "bra" but please don't do this as it does stress out the fish even more than need be.

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