Optical Dice Illusion

Dice Illusion

Found at : thebluething

23 Responses to "Optical Dice Illusion"

  1. Ach, mein augen >_<


  3. loooool xD rofl

  4. I could like stare at it all day its so cool lol

  5. I seriously can't tell which is going left or right or up or down! This is also seriously giving me a headache!!!

  6. whoaa! this is so confusing! major headache 🙂

  7. Ah! brain hurts Xp

  8. Omg! This is so awesome!! Is it up or down , right or left?? 🙂

  9. its awesome.... and very interesting to see...

  10. this is so dang confusing eyes hurt.

  11. i got my eyes hypnotized................... it was cool

  12. My eyes. x[
    My brain. x[
    It was amazing 😛

  13. i was amazed! .... very nice

  14. gosh.... i can't figure it out.. my eyes hurt...

  15. this freakin confusing, i dont even know where it begins

  16. it is amazing

  17. it is unbelievable

  18. PARADOX!!

  19. its confusing

  20. serious I do not know where you, heck! It really gives me a headache! woahhhh ..

  21. turn your computer on it's side and then you can see it...

  22. Take a hammer and beat it .................................3 time then see simply!

  23. its a mirror image actually its arrange in L shape on a mirror

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