Delivering Smiles

Military Cargo Airplane Decorated As A Clown

c/o indy2kro

8 Responses to "Delivering Smiles"

  1. That's not a's a character from the anime One Piece named Chomper. He's a little reindeer with a blue nose that walks on two legs and talks.

  2. D: i wouldn't get on that thing if i could magically appear on it that's just creepy............

  3. I do believe this is supposed to be an awful (but awesome looking) pun.


  4. Not Chomper. Dr. Tony Tony Chopper. He is a reindeer who ate a fruit that made him sort of human. He is adorable.

  5. Anonymous: You wouldn't want to take a private plane somewhere? It's great.
    It's not like you would have to look at its exterior.

  6. Chopper is that you

  7. Wonder what kind of Rumpus Ball did that one.

  8. *punch* No, Luffy, Chopper's over there. And where the hell is Zoro? Don't tell me he wandered off again!!

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