Floating Bed

Floating Magnetic Bed

Cloud Sofa by D.K. Wei

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11 Responses to "Floating Bed"

  1. Does the girl come with the bed?

  2. No, you have to go out and get one.


  4. all u want is a girl... girls are kind loving souls that need tender loving care... not a posetion that you could brag to all your friends and say look at my girl... she is better than yours

  5. 2 bla bla
    Is your opinion.

  6. is it a real bed? i'd like go have one

  7. bla bla: possession*

    and girls love it when their guy's bragging to his friends about how much better she is than anyone else..

  8. At our community the girl is available in blue ,red ,green and white.And the hair color is custom.

    Price:2000 $.
    Sofa's price:1$

    Join us today :))

  9. Well, actually, Bla Bla is right, cause all you men are to dick-headed to realize that girl are people. And no Hazel, we dont love it when men are showing f how great there new 'toy' is.

  10. Bla bla is rite , but I really want the bed, it looks really cool, but I don't want the girl........ cuz dat would just b GROSS

  11. how could that bed work?

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