Light Bulb Lamp

Light Bulb Oil Lamp

Design by Sergio Silva

5 Responses to "Light Bulb Lamp"

  1. After seeing this design I promptly made my own

    LOVE this

  2. That's fantastic. Box -- did you use a magnet as well?

  3. @evelia -
    To get it to stand up? I had a bit of problem with that - ended up using a small PVA glue base which I placed the bulb into and let it dry clear.

  4. Reminds me of how much oil is left before rednecks completely spend it on their junk and even covering with it some seas.

  5. oooye salayoooo aa ke bund panga lai janda oooooo
    ............tuhade maaa nu tuhanu koi hor kam nahiii

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