Photo Slide Lamp

Photo Slide Bar Lamp

Design by Suck UK

Twenty-Eight Switches

Multi Switch Lamp

Multi Switch Lamp by Kiel Mutschelknaus

Found via Tacky Raccoons

Two Liter Chandelier

Upcycled Two Liter Soda Bottle Chandelier

Bubble Chandelier by Souda

In Partnership with Sure We Can

Found via HomeKlondike

Triforce Lamp

Legend of Zelda Triforce Lamp

Triforce Lamp by The Back Pack Crew

Rotary Lamp

White Pages Lighting

Phone Book Paper Light

Paper Lantern by Zipper 8 Lighting

Duck Lamp

Duck Lamp

Duck Lamp by Sebastian Errazuriz

Found via Reah

Beanz Lighting

Heinz Beans Can Lights

Designed by Willem Heeffer

Light Bulb Lamp

Soda Tab Lamp

Soda Can Pull-Tab Lamp

Pop Pendant Light by Mauricio Affonso