St Maarten Airport

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  1. Unbelievable! How could you enjoy your time on the beach relaxing with the sound of jet engines overhead all day!

  2. Not sure I'd want to be trying to relax on that beach!

  3. Amazing, Thats my idea of a day at the beach.

  4. Is that real? No way... If I saw that coming toward me I would scared shitless!

  5. ok, i want THOSE pilots to fly me around if they are that skilled!

  6. i bet a lot of people pee in the water there from having it scared out of them!

  7. These are real. Its amazing. The actually beach is pretty quiet, but you can walk over and see the airplanes land. Watching them leave is great too. I lost a pair flipflops in the ocean from the wind.

  8. I am from there. It's all completley real. Fun as hell too.

  9. It's real and everyone loves it. You won't even bother with the noise from the engine because it's so amazing to see. You should try it and you can relax on the beach that won't be a problem at all or even pee but you won't be scared from fright. You'll be in total awe....I grew up on St. Maarten and it still amazes me.

  10. what about the people on the plane in the window seat all you see is water around you .. no landing strip and then ya see the first time beach goers face there probably pissing in there seat

  11. Great pub where those were shot from. Been there and you should go.

  12. Looks vaguely familiar to landing in Sitka Alaska (minus the swimsuits)

  13. It brings me to memory in Lanzarote Arrecife was almost the same. There are really many simillar places like that...but i belive this St, Maarten is the most beautiful. 😀

  14. yah its really amazing man u r standing on a beach n the plane is going up to ur head... thats really beautiful...

  15. Montego Bay in Jamaica is kinda like that too!

  16. St. Maarten is really beautiful in general. The entire Maho beach phenomenon is simply awe-breathtaking. It's an experience one should undergo while on vacation in St. Maarten. Credits to the pilots though, takes great skill to be able to land and take-off on such a runway...

  17. yes ive been there 3 times so far its the best place ever haha the jets are crazy though take offs blast all sorts of stuff down into the water and landings are awesome as such a huge thing soars about 10-20ft from your head

  18. THAT WOULD BE AN AWSOME PRANK take someone there that does not know about it and act like the plane is gonna crash into the beach ,, lol funny stuff.

  19. Even if it looks "cool", it's completely irresponsible from the security at the airport to leave the people approach the planes........for themselves and for the planes....

  20. its cool here u can watch everything the hissing sound of sea everytime plane come wear ear plug and watch the giant plane. its real wow!

  21. would love to go here soon for sure..i cant wait ^^

  22. I have been to Airport Beach 3 times. My family and I love it. The beach is great for swimming and love watching the planes going over head and taking off. Just watch out when planes take off the sand will blow you away. We were there 2 years ago and some people rented a car and and parked next to where the plane was taking off like an idiot and the force from the planes engines blew the windshield out of the front of the car into the ocean what a sight to see.

  23. its really nice view..i wanna see it real

  24. Kinda funny, we want high levels of security in and around airports all over the world to keep human life safe from terrorist attacks. And this place seems to not worry at all. Weird !

  25. I'm 23 years old, and when my mom give me birth the first thing i saw, was a plane coming lol... 100% from St Maarten.... you people out there need to see this to believe.

  26. The planes are the reason people come to this beach. There isn't much sand left from the jet engines blowing it into the water. If you you want quiet, there are planty of other beaches on St. Maarten.

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