Traffic Hub

Highway Signage

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  2. "Um...hello, OnStar?"

  3. Like I don’t have enough trouble finding my way!

  4. i think i made a wrong turn back at albuquerque..

  5. you can tell it's photo shopped, can't c the sign pole base...

  6. this is actually in charlotte, nc; it isn't photoshopped. the sign pole base on the right is attached to the "west truck 73" sign; the sign pole base on the left is attached to the "south 29" sign.

  7. been there seen that sign,confused no had a co driver that told me which way to go.

  8. Must be somewhere in NY State

  9. Good grief. Glad I don't live in that mess.

  10. This is actually REAL. It's in Concord, North Carolina right down the road from Charlotte, NC.

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