Pink Goat

Pet Goat Dyed Pink

Found at pixdaus

15 Responses to "Pink Goat"

  1. Uh - I believe that is actually a sheep! 😉

    And I think the pink is photoshopped in. But not sure on that one.

  2. Another ignorant Paris wannabe.

  3. Well, if I had one I would want it to be pink too! : P

  4. yeah, definitely a sheep, why don't people ever learn this? >_<

  5. paris hilton is at it again D:

  6. baaaaaaaaaa?

  7. This is a sheep - there is no tail bobbing up. And also, this is incredibly cruel. Look at the poor thing, its being dragged around by that ignorant lady.

  8. i agree with me again thats animal cruelty

  9. SHE IS HOT!!

  10. Da, I will never understand les americans. In russia we kill sheep, we eat the meat, we milk them for cheeses, and we use their skins in quite a bit of products. America is so back words you feed them, and dye their pelts pink?

  11. Is she a farmer? she doesnt look like you adverage farmer. Me no understand, please help me conprehend. She would be frowned upon or labeled crazy for treating a sheep like a woof woof.

  12. my parents had a pink donkey but they didnt color its hair it was born like that!!!so you people think that draging a goat around with a leach its animal cruelty?that goat looks better fed than me!!!Im from mexico by the way and no Im not starving like every body thinks!and look at that there is a slim american on that picture AMAZING!!!

  13. 1. it's a sheep. goats are much much much cuter.
    2. it's a happy sheep.
    3. people walk sheep on leashes, its good excersize and they enjoy it. This one clearly looks happy and healthy, and it's just a baby. I walk my goats on leashes all the time. They walk just like dogs but they're cuter and smarter.

  14. That bitch!!

  15. Oh dear, what is wrong with the girl's right leg??

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