Underwater Dining

13 Responses to "Underwater Dining"

  1. Unique.

  2. Couldn't eat here, I would have to piss every 2 minutes.

  3. I think it will be a great experience....

  4. This is a nice feeling an experienced I hope I can visit one like this.

  5. Can anyone tell me were it is? I want to go! 😉

  6. beautiful place..what a great idea.

  7. This underwater thing is great, but what if it breaks....

  8. threio i agree with you

  9. its amazing, i wish i lived near a place like that, and i wish it was not so expansive and then i will eat there every day. 😉

  10. Sara: Says in the title:
    'Hilton Maldives
    Ithaa Undersea Restaurant'
    Click on it.

  11. thats so stupid what if it breaks or if a giant fish or something break's the glass

  12. I can't eat a fish.. while watching a fish.
    It could be the family watching!!!

  13. i bet the lady pointing is saying 'i'llhave that one'

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