Change of Scenery

Fake Window Wall Hangings

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  1. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy looking at all the photos of the shit you find -- pretty awesome!

  2. Thanks Nancy! =)

  3. That is very cool. My GF just had a pair of fake windows made for her office.

  4. What a fab thing for people who live in boxes..

    ... but if they live in boxes will they be able to afford the pictures?

  5. An interesting idea...


  6. HAHA that is so COOL!

  7. Where do you buy these!!!!!! I have been looking forever for something like this

  8. Kitty wants to go outside!

  9. I Want This So Bad! I live In a One Bd Rm Flat and I'd love to have this on my walls! PLEASE! Somebody get me the address for this place and I'll spruce this place up for fake Windows. Thats Exactly What I Had In Mind!

  10. Please supply details on fake windowns



  11. Did anyone ever find the retailer for these photos?....TOO NICE... I have to have them for my basement.

  12. These look great. So creative. I love the furry little supervisor.

  13. Lovely. I like the furry supervisor.

  14. we have just started making these in the uk

  15. peter

    contact us @

  16. Where could I buy these windows?
    I’ve been looking for exactly this product!

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