Complimentary Katie

Katie Holmes | Blue Shoes, Orange Dress

Found via The Aging Disco Diva

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  1. Okay the dress is okay, she looks a bit too over "bronzed" but still very pretty. BUT what on EARTH was she thinking with those shoes? GAG!

  2. @Tricia OMG orange and the blue heels! I wonder if they're suede...

  3. The only thing I can imagine is that she's a Denver Broncos fan. There is no other reason for what she did. Hmmm... well, maybe an overdose of some trippy drugs. But other than that... no.

  4. The style of the dress is lovely, the fabric is garish...the combo of the necklace, dress and shoes none of which compliment each other are very grating on the eyes!!!


  5. Maybe she is huge Florida Gator fan!


  7. i actually like this, rofl.

  8. OMG shoes? they are owful YUuuu, and this shoes with red dress are double owful:(:(:(:(

  9. ooh i just found out that, darling suri picked this out for her. I think its quite amazing how the shoes compliment her dress but... her bronzer is ruining it :/

  10. its an orange dress and blue heals the colors are opposite on the color spectrum and are often used draw you in... navy blue would have been a much better choice...blame the stylist

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