In And Out

Meat and Leather

Photo by Hubertus Hamm

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  1. OK, I don't get it.

  2. i dont get it either

  3. Maybe someone will clue us in.

  4. I think it's an ad for Boehmler, a German furniture company.
    Not sure what message they're trying to convey either but the
    raw meat on leather chair makes for an odd photo.

  5. IN: Its a piece of meat from the inside of an animal

    OUT: The chair is leather which is made from the hides of animals

    this is just my opinion!

  6. something what jews can't eat.

  7. OK, so I went to the Hubertus Hamm website and they have a couple of other similar photos - a raw egg on the arm of a leather chair, a dead fish on a file cabinet. No help there. The advertising company name is Hubertius Hamm, and there is a piece of ham on the white chair in the photo. Does Boehmler translate to anything special?

  8. Man...I kind of wish this was an ad for In N Out Burger adding bacon to their menu. So sad.

  9. this should remind ppl who buy leather furniture, where the leather came from, and that killing animals in the name of comfort and luxury is stupid. And I'm not a vegetarian.

  10. But they kill the cows for the meat anyway, might as well use it all?? Plus leather=cow, prosciutto=pig, so the analogy doesn't even make any sense. It's just random.

  11. it symbolizing losing everything but able to smoke pot for my cancer.

  12. Yeah that's depressing. The internet is not the place for simpathy.

  13. simpathy? are you a crocodile, or jared's minions?

  14. I didn't even notice the meat at first - I was too busy staring at the awkward photoshoppery where the chairleg and shadow have been stretched out to the right. It ruins the whole line of the chair and is very distracting.
    I hope they didn't pay much for that effort.

  15. the funniest thing about this is that it got 14 posts

  16. When I saw this photo, I thought leather chair=naked, a slice of ham=a naked man relaxing, the chair seems comfortable, but yeah the chair leg(what the crap)???

  17. It's an add, not art...

    bet it comes with a copy "raw design" or anything simular...
    It's an intriguing image, sober, clean and stylish.
    nothing more to it.

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