7 Responses to "Frackville"

  1. I live near Frackville. But my real comment is.. Why is this a funny Picture??? Someone post the answer here please.

  2. Why is this Picture funny???

  3. sfs

  4. Just because of the many uses for the
    word Frack. Nothing against the actual town
    or the people that live there.

    What does 'sfs' stand for?

  5. For those not getting this and wondering what in the world "frack" means, Urban Dictionary defintion of frack listed below.

    *NOTE*: I had to edit and censor some entries.

    1. frack
    Sanitized replacement for "F" used on "Battlestar Galactica"
    "Aw frack and feldercarb!!!"

  6. That last comment was REALLY weird and this pic isn't funny, BUT the word is!

  7. I still dont get it..

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