Chair Stacking

Doris Salcedo | Stacked Chairs | Istanbul Biennial

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  1. Look everybody. It's a huge pile of sit!

  2. this is actually a conceptual art installation piece by columbian artist doris salcedo to commemorate the columbian government's massacre of 84 (i think that's the right number) of its own members of congress who were being held hostage. they sacrificed their own people.

  3. cami

    that photo is taken in Turkey, i do not think that it has anything to do with Columbia..

  4. gzaabo,

    The artist is from Columbia. She did something similar there
    using 280 chairs. This one was in Turkey using close to 1600 chairs.

  5. Heyy. See sign. All are written in Turkish. "tutucu takımları, kesici takımları, sert maden uçları" This photo was taken in Turkey.

  6. 1-Ton: LOL!

  7. lol 😀

  8. Yeah, it's an installation in the Karkaöy district of Istanbul by Doris Salcedo. She's most famous for her installation in the main hall of the Tate Modern in London.

  9. I hope no one call it an Art.. I mean, I've seen worse under the name "Art"..

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