Balloons For Two

Double Opening Balloon

Two Person Balloon

'Just Between You And Me'

c/o Keetra Dean Dixon

13 Responses to "Balloons For Two"

  1. "For people who want to get the flu"

  2. Looks like a condom for two. LOL! So gay.

  3. oh wow..this is odd.. hahaha!! "its made for two" 😀

  4. so the one who accidentally let the air flow out, would be shot with a portion of warm saliva in the face LOL

  5. yo hmm, that was a freaking hilarious..

  6. Where did you find THESE balloons? I am very interested to know the thoughts of the inventor inventing these balloon type... Blow to pop race for two?

  7. 确实有创意,但是几个想到了 ,并且生产出来才是重点 !

  8. ... and when you are alone you can still just knot one side and use it as a regular balloon. Very nice.

  9. hmm. good point l0l theres absolutely no point in tht, like how tha hang u meant to tie the ends? Stupid idea for stupid people.

  10. hmm. thats pretty cool i guess

  11. YES!!! i've been looking for this 4ever! whoever made these is a genius! this will be perfect for our school project! yes..... very excited

  12. OK. Where can I purchase these? They look interesting. How big do they get. What kind are they? Mslooner51 aka Mike

  13. When I saw this I had to laugh it was very FUNNY and different.

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