Sun Tattoos

Sun Tattoo Stencil Robe

Designer : Yu-Chiao Wang

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  1. whoa that's crazy! cool idea!

  2. That's one way to do it. I don't think I could deal with the sunburned butt, though.

  3. shopped

  4. yeah. right.

    the robe cut out looks nothing like her "tan design".

  5. the design is the same., the robe just went the other way (its mirrored)

  6. katy Said: the design is the same., the robe just went the other way (its mirrored)

    um wtf fail no its not. lots of differences. for example look at the big flower in the middle, on the dress the lines go down, on the tan they go up. not to mention it's in a completely different spot.

  7. The pattern is not flipped, it's upside down. So either it's pho-shoped, which it could be, or the person on the right got a tan from a diffrent bit of fabric, layed the otherway up.

    Personally, because the pattern fails to wrap around the skin where the arms are, I think it is photoshoped OR the cloth was carefully laied over the girl in a sun bed. Either way, she did not get it from waring that garment, or one like it.

  8. First pic she's merely modeling the coat, I doubt she was stood in that one position when tanning, it'll have been on tighter.

  9. when the page first loaded i thought she had some kind of skin disease

  10. Wow -goes to closet with scissors- Roll on summer!

  11. The "shirt" is not accyrate with her tanning....wth???

  12. I don't think it's shopped, the tan does look a bit different but I think that's just positioning. Look at the dots in the flowers, they're all connected just like the robe. If someone shopped this and didn't even get the pattern right I don't think they would've noticed that detail.

  13. Regardless of whether it's 'shopped or not, it's a very cool idea. At least for those not too susceptible to burning.

  14. Photo shopped, the colors are all wrong, I could have done that in my sleep. If you look on the left side of the image you can see pixellation 2 degrees left of ortstrat. I am amazed at the audacity of this person.

    How childish!!!

  15. photoshopped

  16. No this is NOT a mirrored picture. It is not even upside down. Look very closely and you will see that the two designs look similar but have many differences (spaces between shapes, the curls etc.). Even the girl's hair is different colors in each picture.

    Either this is PhotoShopped, or they could have used two models where the one who posed with the robe on used a different robe from the one who actually sat out in the sun, or the same girl used a different robe from her original pose and this is her picture after being in the sun.

  17. Photoshopped or not, in theory this is entirely possible. Up here in New Hampshire, it's common practice for women to put decal stickers on themselves before they go tanning with the end result being a heart shaped tan line wherever they placed it. I've seen the playboy bunny logo, stars, crescent moons, all kinds of things. Granted, it's nowhere near the scale that this thing is, but the theory is sound.

  18. Ok, really? Whether its photoshopped or not, ure talking about the girls hair being different? Have you ever heard of hair dye? as long as she would have had to lay out to get a tan that deep, it had to be months! Lots of fem's dye their hair every few months! And the shirt? You can tell it was just shifted a bit from it's original position. If it isn't shopped, it was most def spray tan cause that is not a natural tan tone.
    Anyways, I agree, It's a neat idea. I actually did that once on my foot, but with self tanner... made a stencil and taped it to my foot, dabbed it on, took the stencil off and let it sit for a while. Very cool.

  19. [...] Lay out in the sun wearing this “robe” and you will get a great tattoo.  Although, I guess you would have to be perfectly still and not let the robe shift or crumple at all.  If you did, the design may look a lot worse.   Found on this site HERE. [...]

  20. Not the same design and it looks like it was sprayed on over a template of some sort...not the result of tanning.

  21. wow thats effing amazing, i wonder how long u gotta bathe in the sun to get a good effect

    nice, very creative and unique art!
    ya ill work a lot better with sunless tanning solution lol

  22. It's not the same girl. The one on the left has a higher
    butt crack.

  23. Anon said: I am a idiot that goes around and says shopped all day while browsing websites...Sorry but you give me little to no hope when it comes to the human race, I am still waiting for evolution to catch up with people like you...
    If you think this is shopped, why don't you appreciate it more as a concept idea...which they are trying to give you a visual aid, which I think it would be better to kick the visual and just give you aids.

  24. Cancer!

  25. Cancer!

  26. Wow skin cancer is now in style!...

  27. that's not a suntan! that's henna. cute idea though.

  28. Photoshopped or not, in theory this is entirely possible. Up here in New Hampshire, it’s common practice for women to put decal stickers on themselves before they go tanning with the end result being a heart shaped tan line wherever they placed it. I’ve seen the playboy bunny logo, stars, crescent moons, all kinds of things. Granted, it’s nowhere near the scale that this thing is, but the theory is sound.

    (Unrealted Note =P: Hi, i also live in NH, theres no girls who do that that i see.) From the idiocy on this page actually makes my brain cells die...the internet has really made ppl to believe that everything that they see is photoshopped, my friend said today that his girlfriends ring was PS'ed. this practice has also been around for a while (10 years give or take).

  29. Who cares if its photo shopped or not!! Does anybody else notice the bruises under the robe??

  30. Its flipped vertically. obviously, the first pic was taken in that position to show off some "crack", pardon the french.

  31. You're all wrong.
    This was probably done with a stencil on the model and spray on tan. The same stencil used to cut the robe...
    And yes, like EVERY other commercial picture it will have been touched up in photoshop (or whatever those guys use).

  32. that is art my friend, and not something you can create while drinking.

  33. i just want to say however they did this, it's really cool and sexy..especially if you wore a backless dress or bakini....if it's just a spray on pain..if it really is sun tanning...excellent fashionable use of uv rays...if it IS photo shopped, well good for them, i don't think even photo shop artists are big enough idiots to completely screw up the pattern if they were trying to make this look believable. and anyway it gave me a great idea for my patterned tablecloth.

  34. You are all retarded. It's not henna or stenciled spray tan. That is not a robe, it's a towel. It's different because the towel was laid on her a different way than she held it in the "before" shot.

  35. you are gay

  36. is everyobdy commenting on her stupid?

    If you look at the "sun" tattoo and then look at teh pattern created on the clothing, can you not see the 2 quite clearly and completely different patterns????

  37. that is very fake, because if you look, the pattern on the cloth and on the girl is different. Though the idea is possible.

  38. Again, it is real. Like I said before, it's a towel, not a robe. If you rotate it 180 degrees, it matches. How retarded can you get

  39. hey look this int photo shopped it is real to an extent look at the photos the f ning design is not the same and that fabric would have to hug the person its wearing Ive tried this "only no my had you need black tape and a design it dose not turn out well if the thing docent hug you and in the photo its not

  40. it may be shopped, flipped, w.e
    but it can work if u use something tighter like a shirt.
    and yu have to put up with a bad burn for a bit;

  41. Hahaha everyone saying it doesn't match is an idiot.

    Draw a picture, now turn it upside down. Wow! It must be magic!

    No you dumb asses, it's not magic. Look at the picture again before making moronic remarks.

  42. Totally GIMP'd.
    Not shopped.


  43. the desighn is diffrent than the tan

  44. shopped! or gimp'd or whatever

    no matter how hard u try you could never get a perfectly curved sunburn..


    it's too perfect..check the armpit part, that's impossible..

  45. It doesn't look real but it's quite a good idea. If there was a better top to wear to achieve it.

  46. Its not photoshopped. She had it inside out actually, all she needed to to was flip the TOWEL, that she used and it matches perfectly. You people are kind of dumb. =/

  47. You idiots; the differences are seen from it being mirrored and there are separate pieces that were placed differently in that pick from the tan image.

  48. Idiots! Morons! I love it; let's make more popcorn.

  49. Really sweet....never seen that done as a whole back piece before. totally awesome.

  50. I think it's two different people. If you look closely at the one on the left, she seems to have an ink tattoo or something similar in the middle of her back/on her spine...also - sorry to be graphic, but her butt crack is different too!

    whether its photo shopped or not, it's still a cool idea.

  51. Come on people the design is way off whack with the sunburn
    If she did move, then the sun design would interfere with the rest!!
    It's like a jigsaw puzzle... only certain parts fit!

  52. It wouldn't work to suntan - you wouldn't be able to keep it lined up right. You'd have to get someone to spray you with fake tan, like stencilling. And that would look naff.

  53. It looks like either a spray tan or a henna tattoo, but not from the robe.

  54. Does she have it in the front I wonder

  55. would have made more sense to do a body stocking like leggings so it didn't move.

  56. OK guys let's settle this.

    Save the image. Now flip the left side vertically, and then horizontally. IT IS THE SAME PATTERN. Didn't see it at first myself, but it's because it's not showing the entire towel. It goes down her thighs too and they cut that part off.

  57. DURRRRRR..... if you read the saying on the photo it actually says better to use with Sunless tanning creme... and as many have stated-- if you flip the towel completely it does line up/match... stop fighting over this people,,,don't you have anything better to do with your time.

    Even if it is photo shopped or whatever-- it's still a work of art!

  58. cape pattern doesn't match the tan pattern

  59. To be totally honest, who gives a damn if its shopped or not, it's both:

    a) a feasible idea, that works.


    b) cool looking.

    So shush. 😀

  60. I want all of you to look very closely at this picture. As you can see much of the pattern is the same. And no her butt crack is not higher in the after picture its lower because of the different positioning. And since I study cosmetology I can tell you that is the same girl, however if you notice it is a lighter shade of her original hair color. Its the same damn model. Perhaps different lighting anybody ever heard of that. *sighs* Besides why can't you people just appreciate the beauty of an idea or concept instead of debating whether or not it works in theory. The girl is gorgeous and the concept is fabulous. Maybe you should all try a little thing called evolving and trying to recognize the beauty of your surroundings instead of overanalyzing everything you see. Just accept it for what it is: A beautiful concept whether realistically possible or not. Fake or real. Henna, sunburn or tan. Its beautiful.

  61. Stupid.

  62. It's real. It's not a tan. It's Henna tattoo.

  63. Ok so maybe I didn't read everyone's comments but this is most definitely shopped but that's not the point. The point is you can actually do sun tattoos with stickers which is awesome. with a robe it might work but probably not with this one. I'm pretty sure what happened here is that the girl got high and decided to cut up her clothes. In attempt to cover up her ridiculous behavior from her parents she photoshopped a tan that was vaguely similar to the random mess of shapes she cut before thinking to plan out how to cut this and it actually work. Now thinking about it this is kinda gross. imagine going out and lying out in the sun for a long period of time sunbathing but wearing a robe. That's about as uncomfortable as i can imagine right now. oh jo says its henna now everything just sucks

  64. So not a new idea. When my mom was a kid in the '30s they did the same thing with tape.

  65. I really hate when people say "shopped"...I immediately think they're pretentious idiots. If someone used Photoshop they wouldn't make the mistakes seen here. It's an art concept...nice

  66. btw. the towel is upside down

  67. wow

  68. Real or not it is very pretty! It's like the little stickers they give you at the tanning place times a million and I may just have to bring this idea to life on my arms and legs for the summer. 😀 Just gotta think of a pretty pattern. Ooooh yeah.

  69. I use electric tape

  70. I've seen a lot of pixels in my day and after extensive analysis of the alphas and rasters I can authoratively state that I'd bang either of those chicks.

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