Steampunk Figurines

Steampunk Bike Figurine

Steampunk Wheelchair Figurines

Steampunk Robot Spider Sculpture

Steampunk Wheelchair Sculpture

Steampunk Sculptures by Stephane Halleux

Found via The Presurfer

2 Responses to "Steampunk Figurines"

  1. Question for you, I'm in a wheelchair and have started collecting wheelchair figurines. I stumbled across your site, saw your wheelchair figurines (or figurines with wheels) and they are totally awesome. Do you sell them and, if so, how much do you sell them for? I would LOVE to buy them.

    Sincerely, Brad a.k.a. "Spoax"

  2. Brad,

    You can see more of the artists work by clicking on his name right below the last picture.

    He also has a contact form on his site. You could try contacting him directly to ask if or where he makes his figurines available to purchase.

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