Enterprise In Lights

Star Trek Christmas Lights

via photopumpkin

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  1. Haha no way! This is a float in the Festival of Lights East Peoria, Illinois. I can confirm because of the autobody sign behind it 😀

  2. i have been here before it is the festival of lights! i have this pic on my camera 🙂

  3. that's really good, thumbs up from me

  4. I've seen this in person at the Festival of Lights in Peoria Illinois. They have a shuttle craft there as well. Both have been in the Festival for at least five years, maybe longer.

  5. I want this on my front yard - all year long! My neighbors would love it. But they would probably just steal it, and put it up on the hill behind the Greetings Aliens - Live Long And Prosper, and the Free UFO Parking signs. (we old Trekkies do have fun!)

  6. Hey, that's powerful. Thanks for the news.

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