Road Train

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  1. not real........... no way............. i need proof........... ok its freggin awesome

  2. Hey that's me.

  3. The yanks may do it bigger but in Aussie land we do it much loooonger

  4. Its real. I am going through Truck Driving School and we watched a thing about it on TLC. The truck has over 800 Hp and the thing is something like 220 ft long. Its nickname is the Caterpillar.

  5. . . . . now, - don't even think about 'jackknife' - brother.

  6. totally real. australian.

  7. ITs real as 73m C'mon where do i apply

  8. It's real, I've been in the industry for over 10 years now and have seen similar setup's - the real pain is stopping the thing from what I hear, just like a train once you're up to speed you have to be aware of how far you are from your destination and when you need to start slowing down.

  9. australian.
    it is very dangerous.

  10. i am a truck driver in europe i am dreaming about driving road train. how to get that job?

  11. yeah see these all the time and driven them, its like any truck with weight it takes time to pull up but you usually drive them on mine site haul roads...

  12. eita pooooooooorra ... caminhao,cadê? é um trem essa merda rapá

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