Bob The Builder Meat

Bob The Builder Luncheon Meat

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  1. Oh, that is disturbing...very, very disturbing...

  2. Can it turn my innards into a toxic dump?

    Yes it can!

  3. bob the builder can we eat it "YES WE CAN"

  4. it looks like silly putty...i bet it is silly putty.

  5. Bob the Builder is SOO gay!!!

  6. mmm processed meat...would you like fries with that?

  7. bob builder is so childesh

  8. When I was in England you could buy meat like that and it was shaped like a teddy bear with a teddy bear face. I never tried freaked me out! I think it was like bologna. I used iGoogle to translate the plate and it reads "After each bite, you discover a new boyfriend" Somehow I think it's supposed to be "friend" and not "boyfriend"

  9. is real?

  10. It's just shades of red dye. Used in hot dogs, too.

  11. Shouldn't the headline be "Meet Bob the Builder?

  12. Mmmmm, yummy. Not!

  13. This is real meat we eat in Holland! Children love it. Its nice with sandwiches. There's different designes like bear and easterbunny and more.The tekst on the plate means that with each bite you see/get a new little figure like a chicklet, a piggy, a horse and so on.. you discover new friends. The plate is a free plate of a margarine brand. So for me there is absolute nothing strange in the picture.
    😉 (strange...)

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