Say Cheese

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  1. OMG!!

  2. Disgusting

  3. That's something she won't regret in 20 years.

  4. Does she just carry around a towel all the time to clean up the slobber & bits of chewed food that leak out of her chin-hole?

  5. Hey Erin, the plug that she [or he I really don't know] is wearing is a solid clear plug. I have those for my ear, same size too. It just looks like nothing's there but it's just clear.

  6. it's plain gross... im a piercing and tattoo fan, but this is just wrong and ugly.

  7. This is Wrong... wait... who am I to judge? It's not my body!

  8. "is there something in my teeth?"

  9. wow, I have always thought would it be possible..

  10. i'm all for self-expression, but come on girl. it looks newly stretched or infected, definitely not attractive.

  11. i think it's photoshopped - the upper teeth are too low

  12. Its obviously fake. Both teeth are anatomically too low. Do yourself a favor and feel right below your lower lip. Do you feel both sets of teeth? Or even one set of teeth? If so you need to goto an orthodontist asap.

  13. How does he eat soup?!

  14. His chin is pushed upwards along with the lower lips. So this is not photoshop'd.

  15. Its obviously fake if you look hard enough.

  16. Obviously fake?

    Well then, explain what makes it "obvious", because it looks legit to me.

    I can make a similar expression and I feel my teeth in the same position as this person's. Whether it's legit or not, I don't see why this would be impossible.

    Notice your teeth don't automatically move when you move your lips.

  17. to me, its looks like an optical illusion for some reason

  18. The teeth arnt fake. You have to remember that the lower lip is stretched. therfore pushing the bottom lip up. so the teeth are actually in the right spot

  19. bobsagot If You Smile Whilst You Do That You Can Feel Both Sets of Teeth! I Still Think Its Fake Though.

  20. naked fake

  21. sin against GOD

  22. ...Really Danny?

  23. FAKE!

  24. OMG! imagine what she's gunna' look like when she's like 20 :/

  25. i ment 90! haha.

  26. Note to myself: self-expression is to imitate every stupid trend and, if possible, push it to the extreme in terms of ridiculousness.

  27. that is weird and why would you get that if you have ugly ass teeth

  28. Brings new meaning to the word c*ckring.

  29. FAKE AS HELL!!!!!

  30. @ bobsaget..i just did tat and i feel both sets of teeth

  31. WAIT A MINUTE!!! i think the jewelry has teeth on it..thats not his/her real teeth

  32. why do you guys all care if it looks bad or not? its not your mouth.. and my teeth are in the exact same spot... you have to think, her bottom lip is being pushed up so her teeth look like they aren't where they are supposed to be... I never thought I would ever see this happen... lol but I guess it is...

  33. Why would you do such a thing??

  34. Nice Goat tee

  35. It could be a Low-overbite 😎

  36. The ring has ZERO depth to it. Feel the inside of your mouth, it's pretty thick, that ring would need depth to hold it's place, especially in an area of constant & wide-ranging motion like the mouth.

    Also, the teeth look like teeth of an older person's, not a young adults, also look at the gums, they've CLEARLY been edited...

    This piercing in this photo is fake.

    End of story.

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