Guide For New Parents

Newborn Baby Do's and Don'ts

Baby Guide For New Parents

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12 Responses to "Guide For New Parents"

  1. I wouldn't stick my hand down babies diaper!! Eww!

  2. WTF ...really??

  3. Funniest thing ever!

  4. tips for parenting

  5. The funniest one is the "Nursing baby"

  6. haha yeah i like the nursing baby,

    "if you are a man breastfeeding a baby, always remember to use both hands to support your child"

  7. hahah drying lol

  8. Even as a Joke it's BAD..

  9. i like all worsed ways =w= exept the checking diapers one xD

  10. LOL! Someone who is expecting twins, I find this HILARIOUS. 🙂 It's just a joke!

  11. For me, "Waking baby", "Lifting baby", "Calming baby" and, especially, "Drying baby". Hilarious! 😀

  12. haa baby in the fish tank lol!

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