Waiting For A Whopper

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  1. ewww, what a fat ass

  2. Wait a minute... Is this the same woman who is in Shopping Break, from about ten pix ago?

  3. Yeah, because thin people aren't lazy. And it can't be that maybe she has a real reason for sitting down. Like maybe she's got cancer. Or MS. Or worked for 10 hours and then had to come home and do the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc. Or a hundred other legitimate reasons.

    Better to just pass judgment rather than minding your own damned business.

    Karma is a bitch people. Wait until you jerks get old and fat.

  4. First, not all thin people are active. Secondly, this picture shows what is now reportedly became the American society: Obese people do not get rid of your eating habits produced by the network of fast food, the depositary of depressed libido in an environment of glamor. And finally, the great soldier waiting for his lunch to continue their services for a country of authoritarian "democracy".

  5. The picture is a good showing of what we've become as a people, but fast food isn't just in america. I like how the people around her are a teenager and two people in uniform. It gives the picture a sense of what's really going on in the world. There are people who work non-stop and there are people who don't.

  6. I know that place lol....the laundstul hospital haha all the good food to eat around the base and they choose burger king...so sad

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  8. is that LRMC?!?!

  9. That is at Landstul medical center on army base in germany! Lol.

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