Love Mommy

Love Mommy And Teddy Bear Tattoo On Baby

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  1. Okay.. Seriously hard core, baby! Oh my!

  2. That picture just rocks! Getting a baby to lay still for a diaper change is tough... Imagine tats!

  3. What did you do to your kid?!! 😀

  4. Haha! That's so awesome. Is it marker on his skin or all Photoshop? Either way it's cute as heck.

  5. LOL this is funny pic hehehehe, the baby going to ROCK! 😀

  6. wow this look amazing hope its not real though!!
    !!!!!!its so cute!!!!!!

  7. this pic is so cute

  8. omg even though im like 15 years older. i am going to marry him!

  9. WTF did you do to that kid.....(lol) kiddding, that's pretty cool though

  10. cool i guess (lol)
    that l00ks FAKE ........

  11. kickass

  12. People it's photoshopped and clearly says so under the photo
    Please learn how to read

  13. Seraphie: Agreed.

  14. omg, The pics you chose for his tattoos are SO cute x3

  15. ay is it true thats mame.? my x idiot girlfriend gave me permission for her 6ft tall 14 yr old to get a tattoo. when i settled a case years after living with her, they wanted to keep his awesome tat but sue me. anyway i think the parents have the say, if the kid dont like it he can bitch and scream when he's 18 .


  17. i love how they put the jail bunny on his arm
    looks like my son, like mommy like son 😀

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